Walnut Taco Salad - Vegan


AAA Steak and Vegetables


Breakfast Skillet Bowl


Havana Chicken and Rice Meal Kit for 2


Vegan Cabbage Rolls for 2

Welcome to your portal for a next-level at home meal experience. We make it easy with the right ingredients, seasonal sourcing from local farmers, and an understanding of both nutrition and superior flavour.

Don't get hangry and let cravings make last-minute-raid-the-pantry-devour-the-entire-bag-of-chips-AND-cookies decisions for you. 

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Because sometimes it's fun to cook at home. And other times shopping, chopping, cooking, doing dishes, cleaning up and over-all feeling good can be checked off your to-do list with just a little planning and some help from ahhYaY. 

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